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Keeping everyone’s health and safety our paramount concern during this COVID-19 pandemic the Weightlifting Seminar Series for 2021 is going to be re-organized. Stay tuned here for updates.

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In addition to being a very experienced coach who has working with many top athletes, David Miller is one our most active coaching course instructors. No doubt those who train with him will come away having learned things that will really improve their lifting.

Artie Drechsler

USAW International Coach & Author of The Weightlifting Encyclopedia


David Miller
David Miller

An International USA Weightlifting Coach with 35 years of experience, Coach Miller has produced multiple State, National and Team USA World & Pan AM athletes. He’s travelled as Coach and Team Leader on two International assignments for USA Weightlifting and supports the Olympic goals of the United States - "...bringing our country back into the international spotlight."

Coach Miller also serves both USA Weightlifting and the International Weightlifting Federation as a Category 1 Referee, the highest level. He’s an active member of NSCA as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and participates in the Special Interest Group for Weightlifting.

While competing nationally, David Miller gained his coaching education through the International Level and began, in 1997 leading USA Weightlifting Coaching Certification Courses. Twenty years ago the majority of attendees to these certifications were Collegiate Division I or NFL/MLB/NBA Strength & Conditioning Coaches. Today, more individuals and CrossFit Coaches attend these courses. Together with the thousands Coach Miller has had the opportunity to certify through USA Weightlifting, he’s spent a great amount of time teaching young coaches how to help spread the love of the sport and it’s direct application to improving sports performance. In his early athletic career as a Weightlifter, Coach Miller experienced an incredible increase in his own 200M sprint speed. He learned first hand how the emphasis on leg and hip training from Olympic-Style Weightlifting, not to mention the upper body/core stability gained from holding heavy weights overhead is the most efficient method to maximize everyone’s strength training regiment.

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